Imitate Pseudofossil

Imitate Pseudofossil (2018) a series of nine woodcut prints, 50 cm x 65 cm pr print. Documentation photos by Nils Elvebakk Skalegård

Pseudofossils are inorganic objects with markings or impressions that can be mistaken for fossils. Mineral dendrites are often mistaken for fossils. They look like leaves but are actually metallic minerals. The metallic minerals crystalize in fractals on limestones and create mineral dendrites. In terms of mathemathics fractals are described as a theoretical representation of naturally occurring phenomena. It can be something that grows over time. A development and process over time. Fractals can be a way to describe time. Canton’s ternary set is a mathematical method to describe fractals. It is built by removing the middle thirds of a line and then removing the middle thirds of the left-over lines and so on. It continue infinitely. In the woodcut prints Imitating Pseudofossil time is used as a way to control the fractal structure. The process of cutting the fractal structure is measured in time. As one third of a day, one third of one third of a day, one third of one third of one third of a day and so on. You could say it shows the removed thirds.

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